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Server Update (Sep 29)

G140 Crafting NPC has been added
3 New certificate zones added (3 Rb+)
Hell Island added
Haunted Island added
Poison Island added
Certificates Upgrade System updated
6 New Quest items added
6 New Quests added (Certificate zones)
Iron, Copper Ore added to quest rewards
10+ Reborn rewards updated
Plus.dll issue has been fixed
Certificate zones timer description fixed
Certi Monsters movement speed increased
Instance Monsters EXP increased
Instance monsters stats increased
PVE Crit Meds droprate (instance) increased
10/1 Defense Tali added (donation, quest)

Start level: 70
Start Gear: G70 + Picker pet
Experience: x300
Reborn: Level 120
Max Gear: G150 (G110+ Crafted)