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Server Update (Sep 17)

Blue Screen issue for win10 newer versions fixed!
Stutters in specific areas have been fixed
Torn tome of Experience drops fixed, readjusted
Tomes of Experience (1/3/6 Hours) added
Tome of Experience Craftman added to Blaze Fort
G130 Craftman Items required description fixed
Coke Price for pet crafting reduced
Azurite Ore added to drops
Lead Ore added to drops
Monsters density in Island of Fortune doubled
Enchant Orbs reordered in Shop rewards NPC
Boss [Death Scythe] has been added
Boss [Armored Giant] has been added
Boss [Cursed Black Magician] has been added
Anti-Ks system enabled for Doggebi Lord

Start level: 70
Start Gear: G70 + Picker pet
Experience: x300
Reborn: Level 120
Max Gear: G150 (G110+ Crafted)